Specialized Applications  


Microsol has developed numerous custom applications for performing specialized automation tasks. These applications have been seamlessly integrated into the Workbench™ software platform, adding capabilities and increased functionality. Some of these specialized applications include:

Time Management System
The Microsol system provides a time management system that can set primary and backup time sources such that if one fails the processor will synchronize to another source in a pre-defined priority order. Time sources available with this system option are:

  1. Unmodulated IRIG B

  2. Network Time Protocol (NTP)

  3. Standard DNP time synchronizing

Group Alarm Application
The Microsol Group Alarm Application allows users to logically "OR" alarm points. Unlike logic programs that strip the SOE time information from the original source; this application transfers the source time tag to the pseudo point.

Point Source Switching Application
The Microsol Source Switching Application allows users to configure up to four sources that provide the same information and creates a pseudo point to map to a slave. If the quality flag on a source point goes bad the application switches to the next source in a pre-defined priority order. Like the Group Alarm application the source point SOE time information is transferred to the pseudo point.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) firmware may be added to the XCell system. This will enable National Grid WAN Network Managers to remotely monitor the performance and security of the RTU and alarm on potential problems using Network Management Software.

IRIG-B application uses one of the serial ports to input an un-modulated IRIG B time synchronization signal.

Please contact us if you require automation capability and functionality not described above. Microsol's experienced team of professionals can quickly develop the application necessary to meet your specifications.