Microsol Workbench™ is one Software Package that Seamlessly Integrates a Configuration Development Tool, an On-Line Monitoring and Diagnostics Utility, a IEC61131 Compliant Application Development Tool and a Firmware Flash Programming Utility.

  • Configurations Are Tag Based - Points Can Be Removed Or Added Without Database Shifting Or Rebuilding
  • Configurations Support The Definition Of Objects Which Describe The Substation Equipment In Terms Of The I/O Interfaces And Related Parameters
  • Workbench™ Is Fully Compatible With Microsoft Windows® Applications Such As Microsoft Excel® And Has Much Of The Same Functionality Such As Drag And Drop As Well As Cut And Paste
  • Configuration Development Is Very Intuitive; With All Elements and Configuration Development Tables Available For Modification Within The Same Screen
  • Workbench™ Provides Configuration Modification Tracking Tools
  • Flash Programmer Utility - Firmware Is Downloaded Into Flash Memory and can be modified by the user at an Application Level.
  • Workbench™ Also Contains A Number Of Security Features Which Are Designed To Assist In The Implementation Of NERC CIP Rules