Huawei’s open, flexible software system for empowering enterprise users with safe, secure access to applications from anywhere using a mobile device running the AnyOffice client.

AnyOffice provides rich APIs, software, and development tools for implementing secure access to both personal and enterprise assets from the same device, with user-friendly graphical interfaces. Tightly integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Unified Security Policy Management with single sign-on capability make communicating and accessing IT resources simple, safe, and convenient for mobile employees.

Supports Android and iOS devices.

Give mobile users easy, secure, and responsive access to business applications and public Internet sites, with Huawei’s AnyOffice software platform for enterprises on the move

  • Highly secure VPN support based on Huawei’s carrier-grade, high-availability firewall design with End-to-End (E2E) link encryption
  • User-friendly mobile device client provides simple graphical interfaces to AnyOffice enterprise and public Internet access features; personal Internet access and data are kept separate from enterprise assets to ensure security
  • APIs for easy customization of access policies by user, device, location, application, and even time zone
  • Tightly integrated access and security features provide resilient performance with dynamic monitoring and protection against threats; secure browser includes built-in L4 VPN function for accessing the company intranet
  • AnyOffice App Store offers mature apps enterprise employees can purchase and download
Component Description
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) provides mobile asset management, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile App Management (MAM), and Mobile Content Management (MCM).
Sandbox The sandbox separates enterprise data from personal data and encrypts enterprise data with strong algorithms to protect data confidentiality.
Per-app Tunnel The per-app tunnel function secures data transmission, and the dedicated security protocol stack supports all TCP and UDP applications.
Secure Email AnyOffice uses secure email clients to connect to Notes or Exchange systems and supports IMAP4/SMTP/EAS for sending, receiving, and real-time pushing of emails. In addition to providing traditional email functions, AnyOffice provides security management and control capabilities.
Secure Web Secure Web provides a convenient way for employees to browse intranet web resources. It initiates an application-layer VPN tunnel to the mobile access network of an enterprise and protect data transmission when employees run Web Apps on their mobile devices.
Secure SDK The secure, sandboxed SDK helps enterprises integrate mobile security functions, including application-layer VPN tunnel, local file encryption and decryption, and local data encryption and decryption.
Partner Applications AnyOffice provides APIs for ISVs and partners to develop their own apps. The APIs provide access to the sandbox, application-layer VPN, MDM, cloud storage SDKs, and user status information.

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