eSight Communications & Collaboration Manager

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) systems are the cost-effective alternative to global travel, bridging the gap between geographies and enabling more frequent real-time communications across long distances.

Significant value is derived from telepresence and videoconferencing systems leveraging enterprise IP-based ICT infrastructure; the eSight UC&C Manager completes the value chain by providing a unified O&M system for ensuring the reliability and performance needed to deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience regardless of how many participants and the distances between them.

Save time and money with UC&C video teleconferencing with unified management and support integrated with Huawei’s eSight Management System

Key Features

Telepresence conferencing quality diagnostics Utilizes network segment diagnostics to analyze voice and video jitter, packet loss rates, and number of continuously lost video packets, helping administrators identify network problems before conferences and resolve issues quickly during conferences
Voice quality analysis and fault diagnostics
  • Monitors IP voice connection processes, service packets, and device interfaces in real time to help administrators quickly locate and remedy faults impacting voice quality
  • Leverages historical and real-time performance data from IP network access devices (smart switches and routers) to provide trunk tracing for diagnosing trunking resource bottlenecks affecting audio quality
Simplified management for large-scale phone systems
  • Supports bulk configuration file imports and software upgrades, simplifying telephony O&M in large environments, reducing maintenance costs
  • Monitors voice quality statistics on IP phones, IP PBXs, and voice system servers; performance alerts are automatically triggered by fault conditions, with audio alarms sent to administrators, and/or by email and SMS message
Unified management of UCC systems and devices Provides consistent graphical interfaces for managing UCC systems — including telepresence and videoconferencing systems, IP-based services and voice devices, Enterprise Gateways (ETGs), Network Elements (NEs), Video Teleconferencing Machines (VTMs), IP PBXs, IP telephones, Audio Teleconferencing (AT) systems, Computer Conferencing (CC), Unified Communications (UC), and IP telephones

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