FusionServer RH2288H V3 Rack Server

Huawei’s FusionServer RH2288H V3 is a next-generation 2U 2-socket rack server. Engineered with a highly efficient design, the RH2288H V3 delivers superb computing performance and supports large local storage capacities, effortlessly accommodating rapidly growing data. In addition, the RH2288H V3 offers flexible resource scalability, making it an ideal choice for Internet, Big Data, cloud computing, High-Performance Computing (HPC), telecom services, and mission-critical applications.

Meet today’s demands and prepare for the future with Huawei’s flexible, easy-to-manage RH2288H V3 rack server.

intel-enHuawei server with Intel® Xeon® processor.
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Meet network demands now and in the future with Huawei’s next-generation, flexible, and easy-to-manage RH2288H V3 two-socket rack server

  • Excellent performance: Supports Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 series processors with up to 22 cores; supports 9.6 GT/s dual QPI links, up to 24 DDR4 DIMM slots, and 9 PCIe slots; can be optionally configured with Huawei high-performance PCIe SSDs, NVMe SSDs, and dual-slot GPUs
  • Energy efficiency: Leverages Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT), power capping, High-Voltage DC (HVDC) power supplies, and Proportional Integration Differentiation (PID) to control heat dissipation and speed adjustment policies
  • Simplified and convenient management: Provides a touchscreen LCD fault diagnosis panel, black box, and an independent iBMC module to facilitate management and maintenance
  • Flexible expansion: Supports flexible storage expansion from 8 to 28 hard disks, and employs the latest 12 Gbit/s SAS technology to support high-bandwidth data transmission


Processors Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 series processors
Internal Storage Supports the following hard disk configurations:

• Eight front 2.5-inch SSDs, SAS, or SATA HDDs

• Twelve front 3.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs and two or four rear 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SSDs, SAS, or SATA HDDs

• Twelve front 3.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs (NVMe model supports four NVMe SSD disks) and two rear 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SSDs, SAS, or SATA HDDs

• Twelve front 3.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs (NVMe model supports twelve NVMe SSD disks)

• Twenty-four front 2.5-inch SAS or SATA HDDs (NVMe model supports 24 NVMe SSD disks)

• Twenty-five front 2.5-inch SSDs, SAS, or SATA HDDs and two or three rear 2.5-inch SSDs, SAS, or SATA HDDs

Supports built-in Flash:

• Two SD cards

  • RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, or 60
  • Configured with a supercapacitor for power-off protection for the cache (optional)
  • RAID state transition, configuration memory, self-diagnosis, and web-based remote configuration
LOM Network Ports 2 GE or 4 GE ports, or 2 x 10 GE ports, or 2 x 56 Gbit/s FDR InfiniBand ports
PCIe Expansion Up to 9 PCIe 3.0 slots
Fan Modules Hot-swappable fan modules in N+1 redundancy mode
Power Supply Units 2 hot-swappable PSUs in 1+1 redundancy mode
  • Uses the Huawei Hi1710 management chip and independent ports
  • Supports standard management interfaces, such as SNMP and IPMI; provides GUI, remote KVM, virtual media, SOL, Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA), intelligent power supply, remote control, and hardware monitoring
  • Incorporates a touchscreen LCD panel for fault diagnosis
  • Supports Huawei eSight management software and integration with third-party management systems, such as VMware vCenter, Microsoft System Center, and Nagios
Operating Temperature 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F), ASHRAE Class A3 and A4 compliant

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