FusionSphere Cloud OS

FusionSphere provides an integrated, enterprise-class OS for migrating to fully virtualized and distributed IT infrastructure — a cloud-based infrastructure for today’s most resource-intensive enterprise applications giving users secure access to applications and resources anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Exploiting hardware- and software-based x86 virtualization, FusionSphere creates a virtual data center for each user. Transparently, FusionStorage and UltraVR components provide backup and disaster recovery services, ensuring resilient access while applications are in use and fast recovery from any fault or disruption.

Master the cloud and delight your users with fast, reliable, and secure access to IT services and applications powered by Huawei’s FusionSphere Cloud OS

  • Efficient: Designed and tested for high-performance, high-availability, large-capacity resource clusters, extensibility, and customizable automatic management capabilities
  • Secure: End-to-end security protection, multiple disaster recovery options, and comprehensive defense mechanisms provided in FusionSphere’s Trusted Platform Module
  • Converged for manageability: Centralized physical and virtual resource management, management of multiple data centers; a complete cloud OS solution for private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • Open for growth: OpenStack-based architecture, hardware, and software support with comprehensive APIs and rich embedded Systems Development Kit (eSDK) accommodate unbounded flexibility

Key Features

Highly Scalable Design
Maximum Number of Hosts Supported by a VRM Node 1,024
Maximum Number of VRM Sites that can be Cascaded 16
Maximum Number of Host Clusters Supported by a VRM 32
Maximum Number of VMs 80,000
Enterprise-class Server CPU Memory Capacity
Maximum Number of Logical CPU Cores per Physical Server 480
Maximum Physical Memory per Physical Server 12 TB
Maximum Number of VMs per Physical Server 1,024
Virtual Machines and vCPU Specs
Number of vCPUs Supported by a VM 128
Maximum Memory Capacity per VM 4 TB
Maximum Virtual Disk Capacity per VM 64 TB

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