Radio Frequency (RF) Coaxial Connectors

RF coaxial connectors enable you to extend or customize the length of RF connecting lines on site when you need lines different from standard configurations, saving you time and expenses for your WLAN construction. The connectors can be used with Huawei AP6510DN/AP6610DN/AP6310SN access points.

For example, if 7m connecting lines are required, you can use an RF coaxial connector to connect a 2m and a 5m RF connecting line. Each coaxial cable must be configured with two RF coaxial connectors; models are based on a site survey. For details about the model selections, contact Huawei network planning engineers who will be glad to assist.

Extend or customize RF coaxial cables on site with Huawei RF coaxial connectors

  • An RF coaxial connector can connect two coaxial cables, a coaxial cable and a microstrip, and a coaxial cable and a waveguide antenna
  • Extend or customize the length of RF connecting lines on site, and save time and expenses when constructing your WLAN
  • When you need lines other than standard configurations, a plug is installed on the cable terminal, and a socket on the device
Model A0RFCON04 GM-ANT FED-1/2
Type N N
Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm
Structure Straight Straight
Connection Properties Female Male
Installation Form With a cable connected to a Type N connector With a 1/2 inch feeder
Standing-Wave Ratio ≤ 1.3 ≤ 1.15

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