SwitchCenter Call Control and Firewall Traversal Server

Provides seamless video communication between networks using both H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) registrations as well as multiple traversal protocols. The latter include H.323-based H.460, SIP-based Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), and Session Traversal Utilities for Network Address Translator (STUN).

SwitchCenter software supports traversal between public and private networks, and adapts to a variety of video communication requirements.

Ensures high-quality video conferencing with reliable connections

  • Versatile services with H.323/SIP dual-protocol access and gatekeeper/SIP server/SIP proxy support
  • Powerful firewall traversal capabilities implement video communication and collaboration across differentiated networks
  • Intuitive Web interface of Huawei’s video conferencing Service Management System (SMC) enables easy configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of multiple SwitchCenters


Specifications SwitchCenter
Communication Standards ITU-T H.323 and IETF SIP
Other Supported Protocols H.225, H.245, Q.931, H.235, SDP, TLS/SRTP, H.239, and BFCP

H.460, ICE, STUN, TURN, SNP (Huawei-patented), and SIP trunk


Registrations 6,000
Concurrent Calls 4,000 (H.323) or 1,000 (SIP)
Firewall Traversal Throughput 300 Mbit/s
Call Control and Addressing H.323 gatekeeper, SIP server, and SIP proxy support

Node registration, call control, bandwidth management, status display, call management, routing management, zone management, and number conversion

H.235/TLS/SRTP encryption and system logs

Endpoint-initiated multipoint conferencing, including SiteCall

SIP trunk addressing

URI dialing and addressing

Firewall Traversal H.460 18/19-compliant (H.323)

Firewall ICE/STUN/TURN-compliant (SIP)

Huawei-patented, SNP traversal-compliant

Supports video firewall traversal with dual network ports

Supports URI dialing

Supports @IP, @hostname, and IP## calls

Security HTTPS and SSH log management

Whitelist/Blacklist authentication

LDAP authentication

H.235/TLS/SRTP encryption

CDR CDR text files
Maintenance and Management Unified management through the SMC 2.0 Web interface

Command line

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