XCell Termination Modules  

X Cell RTS

Microsol offers a wide array of I/O termination modules for interfacing Digital and Analog I/O field wiring with the XCell RTS I/O modules. All of these termination modules are designed to provide Utility installation and maintenance personnel with an interface point that is easy to mount and connect. Microsol offers a line of standard termination modules for Digital and Analog I/O as well as a Control Output Interposing Relay Termination board that provides 16 pulsed or 8 Trip/Close Pair contact outputs.

For retrofit applications, Microsol can provide custom I/O termination modules that will be designed to minimize the impact on field wiring changes during a retrofit, by duplicating the existing termination layout, to provide a solution that virtually eliminates the need to lift or move field wires. Using this solution Microsol has demonstrated that a retrofit can be completed in as little as 4 hours.